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Discover La Rochelle, Isle of Ré and the surrounding areas in a new way with a professional guide with 25 years experience. Françoise proposes tailor made (private) tours for small and middle-sized groups (couples,friends, families, coworkers…)

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Françoise Migraine

After living in La Rochelle for six years, my family and I decided to move to the Isle of Ré in 1992, where we still live. During this period I worked as a trilingual tourist guide (French, English and German) for the tourist offices of La Rochelle and Ré. In 2015 I chose to go free-lance, giving guided tours in Charente Maritime, but especially La Rochelle and the Isle of Ré.

Guide certification

Why did I choose to be a professional guide ?

Obviously, I love doing guided tours!
I like the range I can offer and the possibility of organizing new visits on different themes and in different places.
I like the diversity of the public I meet, different age groups, small private groups of friends and families…
I like creating tailor-made tours and building mutual trust. With small and middle-sized groups it is easier to call on locals to contribute (craftpersons, saltmakers, artists, mansion owners…).
Being a certified guide allows me to take you to museums as well as national monuments (e.g., the towers of La Rochelle).

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Françoise Migraine, Licensed tour guide